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Termite Control

Rid Your Home of Property-Destroying Termites

Defend Your Home From Its Worst Enemy

Despite their size, termites can cause major destruction to your home. Your home’s structure weakens and support beams rot and disintegrate when termites attack.

Eliminate termite colonies before they can damage your home and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and renovations. Professional-level soil treatment will quickly kill existing bugs while blocking future colonies from forming again. Call us to schedule an appointment!

Prevent Termite Infestation Before It's Too Late

As soon as you suspect that you may have termites, bring in the pros at A 1 Bug Control. Stop the damage to your home’s infrastructure before it becomes a structural concern.

When you bring in the pros, you will:
  • Eliminate every colony of termites around your home
  • Prevent future damage and expensive repairs
  • Utilize effective soil treatments instead of inadequate traps or baits
  • Ability to pre-treat new-construction and protect your home from the beginning
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Proper treatment will completely eliminate termites from your home. Annual inspections will ensure your home stays protected.
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