Moisture Damage Control

Treat your home’s water
damage before it becomes a
serious issue

Only a professional examination of
your home will reveal the mold or
mildew hiding behind your walls.



Pest Control Service

Don’t let moisture damage ruin your home

Moisture build up in your home can blossom into serious problems like mold or mildew. Most frequently spotted in basements, crawlspaces or bathrooms, mold and mildew can pop up anywhere in your home. These culprits can cause long-lasting negative effects for both your home and the health of your family.

Discover your potential moisture damage before it becomes hazardous with a full home inspection by A-1 Bug Control. You will receive a comprehensive analysis of your home’s moisture problem, complete with a customized treatment plan of how you can rectify the situation.

Safe, effective mold and mildew eradication

There are many ways to treat mold and mildew. Knowing which method will work best for your individual needs is what the pros at A-1 Bug Control do best:

  • Installing plastic moisture barriers
  • Set up your dehumidifier
  • Assess the moisture content of wood in your home
  • Spraying for mold and mildew

Call today for a customized treatment plan for your moisture damage!


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